Expression from the Inside For Kids® is an expressive art therapy program developed by Noah's Arc Foundation Co-Founder and President, Cecilia Rodhe. This program gives young people in under-served areas and those who are dealing with emotional and/or physical adversity and trauma the opportunity to engage in powerful self-expression. In the program, the instructor presents the young people with an emotion, such as happiness, sadness, or anger, and then shows them how apply that concept to the clay. After feeling the material and imprinting it with their energy, a form gradually emerges, and they begin working through the selected emotion to create a sculpture that is their own personal representation of the feeling. Through this experience the young people learn how to sculpt not only what they see – but also what they feel.

Interested in bringing Expression from the Inside for Kids® to your youth?

Noah's Arc Foundation partners with organizations and individual art instructors to train and support them in providing the Expression from the Inside for Kids® experience to their youth. This includes providing partners with our evidenced based curriculum developed by NAF Co-Founder and President Cecilia Rodhe who is an accomplished art therapist as well as ongoing training, materials, support, evaluation tools, and impact reports.