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Noah's Arc Foundation
Helping children develop a stronger sense of self

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Noah’s Arc Foundation provides diverse opportunities for kids to become more aware & conscious of their ability to make a positive impact on themselves & their community.


President's Vision Statement


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Vision & Pillars

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Every child has a unique passion, one that drives, excites and empowers them. Joakim has it – and his mother saw it. Now, together, they want to help children tap into those gifts by encouraging them to discover their true selves through the powerful combination of art and sports.

Noah’s Arc Foundation programs are focused on two areas: art and sports. Through the expression of art and the discipline of sports, Noah's Arc works to develop the confidence and foster the passion that exists within every child. The goal of the Noah's Arc programs and workshops is to help children tap into their unique passions and achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives. Additionally, our Drop of Consciousness™ movement is infused throughout each program, working to promote peace, unity and positive change. 

Noah's Arc arts programs give young people in under-served areas and those who are dealing with emotional and/or physical adversity the opportunity to engage in powerful self-expression. Through the discipline of sports, Noah's Arc works to develop the confidence and foster the passion that exists within every child. Players become ambassadors for the Drop of Consciousness™ movement, bringing messages of peace, positive change and non-violence back to their neighborhoods.

Chicago is in the midst of a gun violence epidemic. Instead of preaching to youth about what they shouldn’t be doing, Noah's Arc shines a light on what they can be doing to create positive change. Noah's Arc community outreach recognizes the real people making positive changes for Chicago everyday. 

The Drop of Consciousness™ is a movement for peace inspired by a sculpture created by the co-founder of Noah’s Arc Foundation, Cecilia Rodhe. Joakim Noah and Cecilia are asking others to help spread the message of positivity and non-violence by wearing a Drop of Consciousness™ pendent and taking a pledge.