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Helping children develop a stronger sense of self

It’s about consciousness.
It’s about positive change.
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About the Drop

The Drop of Consciousness is a movement for peace inspired by a sculpture created by the co-founder of Noah’s Arc Foundation: Cecilia Rodhe. The pendant is a metal teardrop whose scarred surface recognizes the pain of losing someone to violence, while the precious metal and solid feel of the drop symbolize strength and commitment to positive change.

Joakim Noah and Cecilia Rodhe, co-founders of the Foundation, are asking others to help spread the message of positivity and non-violence by wearing a Drop of Consciousness™ pendant and taking a pledge.

The key message is that it's not “their” problem. It is OUR problem, and together we can try to solve it! When you Rock Your Drop, You are not alone!

Proceeds from the sale of the Drop of Consciousness™ pendent support the mission of Noah's Arc Foundation.


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Noah’s Arc Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Your purchase supports our mission of helping children develop a stronger sense of self.

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