The Stickman Basketball Classic was started by Joakim’s long-time coach and mentor, Tyrone Green, and is held annually in Long Island City, NY. More than 500 kids, ages 12-18, from all five boroughs participate in the summer-long tournament at the Long Island City YMCA. Each year, NAF travels to New York to celebrate the final weekend of the tournament, which features the championship game for each of the five divisions. 

During the games, Cecilia facilitates an Expression from the Inside for Kids® sculpture workshop, where the children engage in a deep form of self-expression and use clay to communicate their innermost emotions. 

After the event, the players and their families head to dinner with Joakim and the NAF team. During the meal, Joakim shares his story with the kids and encourages them to make positive choices that will empower them to be successful in life.